Ancestors of Lou Hanel and Emma Ruda

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Ref # M F Last Name [Birth Name] Last Name [Married/
First Name Middle Name Nick Name Relationship Birth Date Place of Birth Death Date Place of Death Cemetery age at death Spouse 1 Ref # Spouse 1 Name Spouse 1 Wedding Date Pict. code Notes
2070 F Bachmann Ruda Antonia Anna   Emma Ruda Hanel's mother 1873/04/28 Langenwang, Steiermark, Austria 1936/02/21 Rempter farm 3 mi. south of Bristow, NE Bristow Cemetery south of Bristow, NE 62 2024 Robert Vaclav Ruda 1889/10/16 c Nothing is known of Antonia's father. Joseph Bachmann (shoemaker who had once been Postmaster General under Kaiser Wilhelm) was her stepfather at the time of her marriage. Antonia told family members that he was a tyrant and that her mother had married him only for his wealth, which may have contributed to Antonia's marriage at age 16. After her marriage to Robert, her wealthy family disowned her and they lived in Leipa, Bohemia; Kamnitz, Bohemia and Niemes, (Germany?). The first 3 children were born in Europe. With these 3 children, they emigrated to America in May 1897.
They were sponsored by Robert's brother, Vac Ruda (and Mary Peck Ruda).They first lived with Vac 3 mi. N.W. of Lynch, NE then moved to a nearby farm. They bought a farmstead 1 mi. S of Bristow, NE living there 1898-1922.
She died from carcinoma of the larynx. Loved flowers.
2185 M Bachmann Bachmann Joseph     Emma Ruda Hanel's foster grandfather 18??/??/??   1913/01/13     ? 2186 Elizabeth Neumann     A letter to Antonia Ruda from a Mrs. Bachmann in Murzzuschlag dated April 3, 1913 indicated that her father was still alive at the time. The 1913 date of his death is recorded by Emma Ruda in a notebook from her childhood.
2085 M Beran Beran Bohumil   Boh Lou Hanel's brother-in-law 1884/12/07 Bohemia 1962/05/20 Schuyler, NE Clarkson Cemetery 77 2029 Hermina Otylie Hanel 1912/12/03 b Bohumil had received his education in Europe and moved to America in 1910. He settled in Clarkson, NE where he lived the rest of his life.

Boh was remembered as being a fun person to be around. He was a butcher in Clarkson, NE known for his hot dogs and sausage. He also ran the pool hall for awhile. He frequently gave the kids candy bars from the large boxes that he kept at the pool hall. He managed the ZCBJ Operan House and Theater for many years after his retirement.

He had been in failing health for several years and spent the last three weeks of his life in the Schuyler hospital.
2094 M Brown Brown Fred     Lou Hanel's brother-in-law 18??/??/??   19??/??/??     ? 2035 Paulina Hanel   b Lived in Wyoming. They had met at the NE School for the deaf.
He was a forman in a laundry.
2115 F Danielson Ruda [Metschke] Beulah     Emma Ruda Hanel's sister-in-law 1914/06/23   2000/04/22     85 2043 Peter Albert Ruda 1937/04/03 c Beulah was a 1932 graduate of Bristow High School.

She married Vern Metschke after Peter died. Vern died in 1992.
2127 F Fenzel Ruda Anna     Emma Ruda Hanel's aunt (by marriage) 1877/09/28 Czechoslovakia 1961/04/10 St. Joseph Hospital, Dickenson, ND   83 2055 Alois Ruda 1905/04/12   Anna came by herself to the U.S. in 1903 and lived in Armour, SD.
2026 F Hanel Talacko Eliska (Alice)     Lou Hanel's sister 1891/11/23   1962/05/09     70 2079 Rudolph Talacko   b Lived in suburban Omaha.
2027 F Hanel Hanel Emilie Anna Emma Lou Hanel's sister 1886/12/06   1920/03/28     33       c Never married. Died of Tuberculosis.
2028 M Hanel Hanel Herman Otto   Lou Hanel's brother 1889/11/19   1897/03/03 David City, NE   7         Twin. Died in diptheria epidemic.
2029 F Hanel Beran Hermina Otylie   Lou Hanel's sister 1889/11/19   1966/08/30 Clarkson, NE Clarkson Cemetery 76 2085 Bohumil Beran 1912/12/03 b Twin. Died of a stroke.
2030 M Hanel Hanel Jaroslav (Jerry) Frantisek (Frank) Jerry Lou Hanel's brother 1882/01/08 David City, NE 1957/01/20 Grand Island, NE heart attack   75 2088 Ruth Signa Saphia Samuelson 1911/11/14 b After his marriage to Ruth, they lived in Lindsay, NE before moving to Albion. In 1942 they moved to Grand Island, NE. He worked as a cabinet maker and was known for his inlay woodwork.
2031 M Hanel Hanel Joseph     Lou Hanel's father 1851/03/19 Chotovice, Czchoslovakia 1910/12/15 Clarkson, NE Clarkson Cemetery 59 2047 Anna Vavrin 1879/10/05 b Came to America with his parents in 1875. Went to Oshkosh, WI. Came to David City, NE in 1876. Moved to Clarkson, NE in 1886. Against religion because of hated teacher priests in Czechoslovakia.
He and Anna settled in the newly established community of Clarkson, NE after their marriage. He was a carpenter who also mended wagons and wheels. He had a shop behind Toman Meat Market in Clarkson, NE, and also made caskets and sold seedling trees. Brothers Frank, James and George. Sister Anna Severa.
One of Joseph Hanel's brothers disappeared, and it was thought that he returned to Europe.
2032 M Hanel Hanel Joseph (Jr.)     Lou Hanel's brother 1880/06/30   1881/08/04 David City, NE   1          
2033 F Hanel Hanel Karolina Marie   Lou Hanel's sister 1887/04/24   1887/09/21     0         Died of diptheria.
2034 M Hanel Hanel Ladislav Edvin   Lou Hanel's brother 1894/06/02   1974/12/06 Clarkson, NE Clarkson Cemetery 80 2090 Josephine Svoboda   b Carpenter. Lived in Lynch, Clarkson and Leigh, NE. Died of cancer.
2001 M Hanel Hanel Louis (Alois) Vaclav Lou LaVon Hanel Felker's father 1896/06/22   1985/06/23 Omaha, NE Evergreen Cemetery, Omaha 89 2002 Emma Constance (Constanz) Ruda 1921/03/09 b Lived in Lynch, NE when they were first married before moving to Clarkson and then to Omaha in the late 1930s.
2035 F Hanel Brown Paulina     Lou Hanel's sister 1888/01/14 Clarkson, NE 19??/??/?? Sheridan, WY   ? 2094 Fred Brown   b Collapsed on the way home from school with scarlet fever. Became deaf. Her husband was deaf from the same disease. They lived in Casper, WY.
They stayed in close touch with the family, and the Hanels and Browns visited each other frequently.
2101 F Hatwan Ruda Lillian     Emma Ruda Hanel's sister-in-law 19??/??/??   1936/??/??     ? 2041 Joe Anton Ruda     Joe had Gerald and Faye with his second wife.
2118 F Hughes Ruda Carrie     Emma Ruda Hanel's sister-in-law 1894/08/10 Randolph, NE 1972/07/05 Lusk, WY   77 2044 Robert Josepf Ruda 1925/02/02 b Before her marriage to Robert, Carrie homesteaded at Flattop in 1917 and later was chief operator for the telephone company at Randolph. She and Robert lived in Lynch, NE until 1929 when they moved to Flattop and later to a ranch near Lusk, WY.
2246 F Kidelhorn Pixa Barbory     Emma Ruda Hanel's great-grandmother (Ruda side) 17??/??/??   17??/??/??     ? 2245 Frantiska Pixa      
2058 F Kozaka Ruda Anna     Emma Ruda Hanel's great-grandmother 1800/??/??   18??/??/??     ? 2057 Wacslav Prokop Ruda 1831/08/16   Anna was the widow of Janu Waneckowi. Her father, Mateja, was a Master Weaver and lived in Porice.
2107 M Long Long Rayburn Leon Ray Emma Ruda Hanel's brother-in-law 1883/10/22 Sac City, IA 1960/10/17 Lynch, NE Pleasant View Cemetery 76 2042 Kathrina Emma Ruda 1911/09/29 b In 1908, Ray homesteaded near Stamford, SD. After he married Kate, they lived on the Mart Long place north of Lynch, NE.
2060 F Magra Ruda Anna     Emma Ruda Hanel's great-great-grandmother 17??/??/??   18??/??/??     ? 2059 Jana Ruda     Anna's father was a Master Miller.
2249 M Magra Magra Jatege     Emma Ruda Hanel's great-great-great-grandfather (Ruda side) 17??/??/??   17??/??/??     ?          
2186 F Neumann Bachmann Elizabeth     Emma Ruda Hanel's grandmother 18??/??/??   1898/01/27     ? 2185 Joseph Bachmann     It is known that she had at least one other daughter named Zitti.
2245 M Pixa Pixa Frantiska     Emma Ruda Hanel's great-grandfather (Ruda side) 17??/??/??   17??/??/??     ? 2246 Barbory Kidelhorn      
2049 F Pixa Ruda Karolina     Emma Ruda Hanel's grandmother (Ruda side) 18??/??/??   1913/07/05     ? 2048 Vaclav Ruda 1859/11/22   Her father, Frantiska, was a Master Butcher. Her mother was the daughter of Wita Kiglehorn of Christova and Markety Berowe.
2120 M Rempter Ruda Clara     Emma Ruda Hanel's sister-in-law 1902/10/19   199?/??/??     ? 2045 Rudolf Peter Ruda 1925/07/05    
2055 M Ruda Ruda Alois   Louis Emma Ruda Hanel's uncle 1875/11/26   19??/??/??     ? 2127 Anna Fenzel 1905/04/12   Alois emigrated to America and lived and farmed near Center, ND. Daughter, Josephine, married Adolph Danielson in 1926 and had no children. She died Mar. 16, 1991. Helen married Fischer and had two children, Ernie and Audrey.
Ernie and his wife own the Fischer Ranch at Richey, Montana. Audrey married Boller and lives in Missoula, Montana. Helen lives in Mandan, ND
2036 M Ruda Ruda Carl (Karel)     Emma Ruda Hanel's brother 1902/11/04 Bristow, NE 1905/06/14 Bristow, NE Bristow Cemetery 2         Antonia's notes about the birth dates of her children list Carl's birth as 1904 and death as 1907.
2037 F Ruda Hagberg Elizabeth May   Emma Ruda Hanel's sister 1906/06/21 Bristow, NE 1999/06/ Bristow, NE Bristow Cemetery 93 2168 Anton Hagberg 1936/04/12 c No children of her own. She raised Duanne and Lois Jean (Joe Anton Ruda's children).
2038 F Ruda Ruda Elsie Rose   Emma Ruda Hanel's sister 1910/05/30 Bristow, NE 1988/02/07 Bristow, NE Bristow Cemetery 77       c Elsie attended school in Bristow and Lynch before graduating from high school in Butte in 1927. She worked in a law office in Butte and eventually became director of public welfare in Columbus, NE. She belonged to the Federated Church in Columbus. She was one of the origianal members of the Governor's Commission on the Status of Women as well as a member of the board of directors of the Platte Co. Historical Society.
Lucian Cook was an important part of her life for many years and preceded her in death.
2002 F Ruda Hanel Emma Constance (Constanz)   LaVon Hanel Felker's mother 1898/04/21 Bristow, NE 1991/02/27 Omaha, NE Evergreen Cemetery, Omaha 92 2001 Louis (Alois) Vaclav Hanel 1921/03/09 c Lived in Lynch, NE when they were first married before moving to Clarkson and then to Omaha April 28 1940.

In 1937 and 1938, Emma had a prolonged illness for which she spent a good deal of time in St. Joseph's Hospital in Omaha.
2050 F Ruda Ruda Frantiska Cecilie Frances Emma Ruda Hanel's aunt 1860/11/21   19??/??/??     ?         Since her brothers never mention her, it is assumed that Frantiska died shortly after birth.
2039 M Ruda Ruda Fred Alvin   Emma Ruda Hanel's brother 1915/05/31 Bristow, NE 1996/02/20 Bristow, NE Bristow Cemetery 80 2097 Grace L. Thorell 1940/10/06 c Fred was only seven years old when his father died. He was known as a good basketball player at Bristow High School from which he graduated. He was really tall, but they called him, “Shorty.” He lived all of his adult life raising cattle and hogs on the farm they purchased shortly after being married. In 1993 he lost the fingers on his right hand in a corn picker accident.
2059 M Ruda Ruda Jana     Emma Ruda Hanel's great-great-grandfather 17??/??/??   18??/??/??     ? 2060 Anna Magra     Jana was a Master Tailor.
2041 M Ruda Ruda Joe Anton   Emma Ruda Hanel's brother 1902/03/14 Bristow, NE 1971/11/17 Edgerton, Minnesota  Edgerton, Minnesota 69 2101 Lillian Hatwan   b Farmer near Edgerton, MN from 1941 until his death in 1971. His second wife had a daughter, Carol, before she was married. Duane and Lois Jean were from his first marriage. They had Gerald and Faye together. He died of cancer.
2052 M Ruda Ruda Karel Vel Carl Emma Ruda Hanel's great-uncle 1867/02/01   19??/??/??     ?         Karel died prior to 1922.
2042 F Ruda Long Kathrina Emma Kate Emma Ruda Hanel's sister 1892/10/15 Kamnitz, Bohemia 1969/12/12 Lynch, NE Pleasant View Cemetery, Lynch, NE 1969/12/16 77 2107 Rayburn Leon Long 1911/09/29 c Katherine came to America with her parents at the age of four.

Kate and Ray first lived on the Mart Long place north of Lynch, NE. Kate remained on the farm until 1963.
2051 M Ruda Ruda Peter Adolf   Emma Ruda Hanel's uncle 1862/06/29   19??/??/??     ?         Peter lived in Teplitz & worked for the Post Office. Ann worked with him in the Post Office. Liduska also worked there before moving to Ceska Kamenice. Julie was in the book business. Peter owned two houses but sold one to pay medical expenses.
In a letter of Jan. 15, 1922 he spoke of the war as a "horrible time" being unable to find even a few potatoes to buy for dinner.
2043 M Ruda Ruda Peter Albert   Emma Ruda Hanel's brother 1912/04/18 Bristow, NE 1970/02/16 Bristow, NE Bristow Cemetery 57 2115 Beulah Danielson 1937/04/03 b Peter was a 1930 graduate of Bristow High School.

Farmed near Bristow, NE. Died of cancer. Peter was well known for being a very helpful person to everyone around him.
2044 M Ruda Ruda Robert Josepf   Emma Ruda Hanel's brother 1890/09/21 Leipa, Bohemia 1962/11/20 Lusk, WY   72 2183 Anna Henkens   b The oldest child, Robert came to America with his parents in 1897. He farmed and worked road construction in Boyd Co., NE.
Anna and Robert were only married for a short time.

Carrie Hughes was from Randolph, NE. They moved to ranch south of Keeline, WY Nov. 1928.

Died of a heart attack.
2024 M Ruda Ruda Robert Vaclav   Emma Ruda Hanel's father 1864/12/24 Horazdovice, Bohemia 1922/06/22 Bristow, NE Bristow Cemetery south of Bristow, NE 57 2070 Antonia Anna Bachmann 1889/10/16 c After his marriage to Antonia, they lived in Leipa, Bohemia; Kamnitz, Bohemia and Niemes, (Germany?). He worked as a Tanner in Bohemia. The first 3 children were born in Europe. With these 3 children, they emigrated to America in May 1897.
They were sponsored by Robert's brother, Vac Ruda (and Mary Peck Ruda).They first lived with Vac 3 mi. N.W. of Lynch, NE then moved to a nearby farm. They homesteaded a farm 1 mi. S of Bristow, NE living there 1903-1922. The land homesteaded was: S 1/2 SE 1/4, Sec 15 and the N 1/2 NE 1/4, Sec 22, Twp 33, N Range 11, West of the 6th P.M.
In addition to farming, Robert helped build the highway between Lynch and Bristow using a team and tumblebug. He became a citizen in O'Neill, NE Mar. 23, 1903. He died of carcinoma of the stomach.
2045 M Ruda Ruda Rudolf Peter   Emma Ruda Hanel's brother 1896/09/06 Niemes, Bohemia
or Lynch, NE ?
1977/05/22 Bristow, NE Bristow Cemetery 80 2120 Clara Rempter 1925/07/05 b Farmer in Bristow. May have been born on the boat on the way to America.
2048 M Ruda Ruda Vaclav     Emma Ruda Hanel's grandfather 1835/10/02 Horazdovice, Bohemia 19??/??/??     ? 2049 Karolina Pixa 1859/11/22   Gardener
2046 M Ruda Ruda Vaclav Denzel   Emma Ruda Hanel's brother 1900/02/22 Bristow, NE 1920/08/15 Denver sanitarium of tuberculosis Bristow Cemetery 20       b  
2053 M Ruda Ruda Vacslav     Emma Ruda Hanel's uncle 1869/09/30   1923/02/08 Denver, CO 4832 Meade St Lynch, NE cemetery 53 2169 Mary Pech 1897/05/15   Since he sponsored Robert, Vacslav emigrated to America before 1897 and was probably the first to emigrate. He farmed 3 miles northwest of Lynch, NE and was also a carpenter. He later moved to Denver.
Mary was the daughter of Josef and Anna Urbin Pech from Lynch. They had no children. Mary died Oct. 28, 1923.
2056 M Ruda Ruda Vincenc V. Jim Emma Ruda Hanel's uncle 1880/03/13   1962/12/15 Fargo, NE Oakes, North Dakota 82         Vincenc emigrated to America and worked as a laborer around Lynch, NE and then around Center, ND. He did not marry. He was found in ND as a derelict by Ira Long and placed in a nursing home where he later died.
2054 M Ruda Ruda Vojtech   Albert Emma Ruda Hanel's uncle 1872/04/11   19??/??/??     ?         Vojtech remained in Bohemia. He lived in the country, was married and had one son.
2057 M Ruda Ruda Wacslav Prokop   Emma Ruda Hanel's great-grandfather 1808/07/04 Horazdovice, Bohemia 18??/??/??     ? 2058 Anna Kozaka 1831/08/16   Wacslav was a Master Tailor.
2088 F Samuelson Hanel Ruth Signa Saphia   Lou Hanel's sister-in-law 188?/??/??   19??/??/??     ? 2030 Jaroslav (Jerry) Frantisek (Frank) Hanel   b Ruth and Jerry lived in Albion, NE for many years. She was known as a perfectionist.
2090 F Svoboda Hanel Josephine   Josie Lou Hanel's sister-in-law 189?/??/??   19??/??/??     ? 2034 Ladislav Edvin Hanel   b Her childhood home was in Northeast Nebraska. She made the best fried potatoes anyone could remember.
2079 M Talacko Talacko Rudolph     Lou Hanel's brother-in-law 18??/??/??   19??/??/??     ? 2026 Eliska (Alice) Hanel      
2047 F Vavrin Hanel Anna     Lou Hanel's mother 1859/12/11 Sedlice, Czechoslovakia 1936/07/24 Clarkson, NE Clakrson Cemetery 76 2031 Joseph Hanel 1879/10/05 b Came to America when about 6 years old on a ship making its last voyage. A storm took them 2 weeks out of way. Many people died and were buried at sea. The family first settled in Cedar Rapids, IA and after two years, moved to Colfax Co., NE prior to the founding of Clarkson. The area was sparsely settled, and she lived as a true pioneer. After her marriage to Joseph Hanel, the settled in the newly established town of Clarkson, NE.
Her brothers were Joe, John, Frank. Sisters Helen Koci, Marie Bos, Bessie Richtig, Fannie Hanel.
Worked at Fuller Ranch in Schuyler for 25 cents a week. Always worked barefoot in her garden. Lou and Lad (who caught & sold crawdads for 5 cents a gallon to the tavern) would put crawdads in the tub of water she used to wash her feet and was bitten.
She and her three daughters saved enough money to buy the property located at the intersection leading into the city of Clarkson from Highway 91.
She died at the home of her daughter, Hermina, after a long illness. Funeral services were conducted at the Beran home, and the funeral procession stopped at the opera house where a eulogy was delivered by Rev. Filipi.